Saturday, 5 November 2016

5 time management tips for working moms!

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As a working mom, it gets hard to joggle between your career, your child(ren), your husband(if married), your family, your friends and yourself. Sometimes some aspects of your life tend to suffer, because you try so hard to take care of some, but you just can't get it all done. Here are 5 tips to help you mange your time effectively:

- Evaluate how you spend your time. The first step to managing your time effectively would be to evaluate yourself and how you have spent your time in the past. Note down how you spend the 24 hours of your time in a day, take note of the things you spend time doing that are not really worth spending much time on. Like worthless chatting on groups on whatsapp, facebook and other social media.

-Think ahead of time. From your past experience you know what you would need to do to get certain things done, so think about the future and note it down.

-Make a list of your priorities from most relevant to least relevant and attend to them accordingly.

-Make a plan/schedule of your day and follow it. You could register it in your phone(since we are all very close to our phones in this generation) and set alarms and reminders.

-Get assistance where necessary even if it means paying for it. You can't be superwoman, nobody expects you to be, feel free to get help or assistance as need be, either from family, friends or paid services of a help. From your list of activities you would know what you can handle and what you would need help for, then get it.

The only way in which you can effectively manage your life as a career woman, mom, lover, wife, daughter, sister, friend is to be able to effectively manage your time. Hope the tips help.
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