Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Why should I choose celibacy?

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Many people confuse celibacy for abstinence, but it is not the same thing. Celibacy is staying without sex for a purpose. Meanwhile abstinence is just staying without sex, maybe because one is single, or because one does not have the opportunity to have sexual relations.

Meanwhile the popular belief is that people choose celibacy for spiritual reasons; because the Bible says fornication, which is having sex before marriage is sin; or because they want to serve God more, like monks for example. But those are not the only reasons why celibacy is or should be adopted. 

Celibacy is in two phases, when you are single and when you get into a relationship.

Being single and celibate is like therapy. It is a journey of self, through a path that leads to genuine happiness and self appreciation. There are girls who are single, but sexually active. They engage in one night stands and casual sex, which are very unhealthy emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Being celibate and single enables you to spend time with yourself, appreciate your own company, appreciate you strengths, identify your weaknesses and genuinely evaluate your life and make prosperous decision and plans in all areas of your life. 

Being celibate in relationships is liberating, and creates room for very healthy, genuine and satisfying relationships. Sometimes, girls have sex not because they really want to, but because they want to feel accepted and loved. Other times, it is because they want to please their lovers, they feel like if they don't yield to the man's demands to have sex with them, they would loose him. All these because they don't appreciate themselves enough. They want to be validated. Celibacy in a relationship has a way of boosting confidence in yourself, and making you to appreciate the love your partner has for you. To see that he values you for who are you, not because of your body, or your ability to have sex is a gratifying experience for any girl.

Being celibate is a choice to make. If you are not happy with yourself and who you are, you would not be able to know happiness being with someone else, especially if you are having sex with the person. 
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