Thursday, 13 October 2016

The culture of equating a woman's drive towards success to a mere desire to get a man, has to cease!

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So recently I was talking to this guy and he asked how my studies were going and when I replied all excited about the new stuff I had learnt he coldly replied "No make so get sense pass we, you know sey man pikin dem no like am" (Translation: Do not become more intelligent than us, we, men do not like that).

I got mad for a minute but then I realized our culture is one where everything a woman does is always evaluated in respect to men. If a woman gets a job or a promotion, instead of applauding her on the achievement, she would most likely be applauded for making herself more pleasing to a "good" man.

I've heard people say "she is such a hardworking and intelligent girl it is not normal that she is single" as if the aim of all her personal achievements was to get a man! It is so sad! What is even worse is that sometimes we do not even realize that we fail to appreciate women in their own right.

I totally believe in the beauty of the institution of marriage or of having a man in your life. However I also appreciate and respect the achievements of all those women who, despite all odds rise above the ordinary and make their mark. I wish we could applaud their achievements as much as we do their engagement posts or wedding announcements or at least respect that some women work hard out of a burning desire to make a change in the world and not just in order to attract a man.

And to all the ladies! Stay strong and focused. No one can define who you are. We applaud you for your hard work!

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