Saturday, 3 September 2016

You are not fat, you are PHAT!

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This is for all the big Beta Girls! When next somebody tells you: "you are fat", tell them that you are PHAT(Pretty, Hot And Thick). I remember watching the American movie 'PHAT Girlz' about 10years ago and just being inspired by it. I have always been thick, and so I related to the movie instantly. These days, PHAT Girls are under pressure to loose weight in order to fit into the highly publicized norms of how a beautiful woman should look like. It is important for all girls to accept their figures as they are and love themselves. We have different bone structures and physiques. Accept who you are.

I believe that a beautiful person is person who is happy. When you accept who you are, you generate confidence and a high self esteem, which produce energy. That energy is happiness. That happiness translates into beauty!

As long as you are healthy, you don't have to loose weight if you don't want to. Stop trying to be somebody else. You are beautiful, just the way you are. So from today, you are not fat, you are PHAT!
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