Saturday, 3 September 2016

What it takes to keep natural hair!

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This is my second serious attempt to keep natural hair, and I hope to stay with it this time. :-) I have been keeping natural hair for 5 months now. From my short journey with my hair, this is what I have discovered. There are 5 essential procedures involved in maintaining and growing natural hair:
Cleansing, Conditioning, Moisturizing & sealing, De-tangling, and Styling. Everything you do with your natural hair will involve at least one of the following processes. So here is what each of these processes entail:

  1.  Cleansing is the process of washing the hair to remove all forms of dirt.
  2. Conditioning is the process of applying a conditioner to your hair. If you apply it for minutes and rinse, then it is called 'instant conditioning', but when you apply it for more than an hour, it is called 'deep conditioning.'
  3. Moisturizing is applying a product that moistens the hair, because research has proven that kinky hair is the driest form of hair because the curls prevent natural oils from moving down the hair shaft. The best moisturizer is water, or a water based moisturizer(one that has water as the first ingredient). Then sealing is the process of applying oil to the hair to lubricate it and hold in the moisture(water).
  4. De-tangling is the process of detaching the curls from each other. This is done by combing(advisably with a wide edged comb) or using your fingers to detach the curls from each other.
  5. Styling is the process of adapting the hair in different ways and styles.

Throughout this articles series we will lead you through your natural hair journey with tips and inspirations...

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