Saturday, 3 September 2016

What does God say about you?

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To be fully aware of who you are, as a Beta Girl, you have to know what God says about you:

-You are beautiful. We are descendants of Sarah and Sarah was beautiful, so we all are beautiful. Genesis 12:11c

-You were wonderfully and fearfully made, you are unique. There is no one on earth like you. Psalm 139:14

-You are a mother. It doesn’t matter whether you give birth to a child or not, you are a mother. You have that natural ability to care for people. God called Sarah a mother long before she gave birth to a child, so too we are mothers. Genesis 17:16

-You are blessed and highly favored. God is with you always. Luke 1:28b

-You were born to reign. Revelations 5:10

So cheer up, no matter what circumstances look like because you are a QUEEN!
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