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Tips on being a good mother...

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You don’t have to biologically give birth to a child to be their mother, and if you biologically birth a child it is your responsibility to take care of the child. It is essential for mothers to have genuine relationships with their children. Be their best friends, confidantes and most trusted person on earth. Here are some tips on how to enable that kind of relationship: 

-Show them true love. Don't be afraid to express your love for them. make it a habit to tell them that you love them. Expressing love to a child doesn't necessarily mean giving them money and gifts. It means standing for them and always being there for them when they need someone. 

-Be there for them always. As humans, we are prone to mistakes. Children are more exposed to mistakes, as a parent do your best to help them make the best decisions in life, but nonetheless, when they go astray and make wrong decisions that devastate them, don't abandon them. Even if everybody stands against them, you should be that one person who will still be there to give them hope and let them know they are worthy and all is not lost.

-It is very important to know who your child is. Know what they can't or can do. You can only know this by spending ample time with them. Don't let go any opportunity to spend time with your child. Whether it is by driving them to school, picking them up from school, watching movies with them, helping them dress up in the morning, having lunch and dinner with them...don't miss any opportunity to spend time with your child...

-Believe in them and always encourage them. Support them in every way you can. If  you realize that your kid loves music and can sing, why not push it? Why not enroll them into a music school? Help them in making their dreams come true. If it is in a field that you think can expose them to vices and ills, then you should be more involved, to protect them, and help them stand out and be the best without being drug into any mess.

-Share your life with them. You should always talk with them. Tell them about your mistakes, challenges, successes and triumphs. You should be their first inspiration.
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