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Should I be caring for my eye lashes?

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Below are some tips for lush, long and healthy lashes:
1. Buy a good Mascara:  they are meant to boost your lashes and make them curl while they  grow, choose those that contain vitamins and minerals which will quicken and  extend the growth phase of your lashes,  If your eye lashes are thin and short then you have to use eyelash enhancers,  just have to do a research and find the best products that suits you
2. Moisturize: if you moisturize your body daily what more of your lashes, they also need moisture to help prevent breakage. Vaseline petroleum jelly is very good especially for dry and brittle lashes (it contains extra conditioning elements) almond oil and castor oil are also good to improve the health of your lashes.
3. Pamper your lashes: avoid robbing your eyes wildly especially when they itch as this can lead to pulling out or breaking the lashes. The tiny hairs of your lashes protect your eye area hence care should be taken to maintain them very well.
4. Eat healthy: this sounds weird but the amount of minerals and vitamins in your body affects the way every part of your body grows, lack of essential vitamins and minerals will only make your lashes grow slowly and thin. Drink plenty of water and get foods containing enough protein,  Vitamin C, E, H and B.
5. Avoid fake lashes: try to use fake lashes occasionally, they could do you more harm than good, the glue contains chemicals that could cause irritation to your lashes or eyelids. Use good quality fake lashes when necessary and ensure that you have no allergies to them
6. Use eye makeup remover: before going to bed make eye makeup removal a routine, use cotton to gently wipe out your mascara. Generally clean the eye area too using cotton and baby oil or just cotton and water to remove dust or makeup.  
7. Use lash conditioning serum to increase the density , length and diameter of your natural lashes. you could buy a ready made serum or make yours locally at home  . Apply before bedtime for best results.
8. Eyelash curling: use eye lash curler if you have limp lashes, grab an eye lash curler.  Heat up your curler and use,  curling your natural lashes repeatedly with the curler lifts your lashes and opens up the eye. Replace eye lash curlers regularly (2-3 months) to avoid infection and contamination.


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