Saturday, 3 September 2016

Protect yourself

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You love him, but your life is also worth a lot more than just being his woman… So in every relationship you need to protect yourself,physically, financially, emotionally and even spiritually.
Guys are naturally lucky in that they can have unprotected sex and go away without anything. Ladies on the other hand are not so lucky… so you need to protect yourself! Do your tests regularly and use protection; if he doesn’t want to, then girl… walk; that 5 minutes of pleasure is not worth loosing your life.
You should always have a backup for finances. Whether you depend solely on your partner or not, you need to be able to survive without him in case of anything, death, breakup/divorce, etc
Emotionally you need to guard your heart always. Do not condition your happiness on particular behavior from your partner. Happiness can only come from within. It is not your partner’s job to make you happy, it is your job to be happy.
You may be in a relationship with someone but always remember that before that relationship and after, you have your agreement with God. Remember that and stick with him always!

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