Saturday, 3 September 2016

If he is not Ready to show up...Walk

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Some guys send you pleasant thoughts every other day, call you for 2 hours and you guys can’t get off the phone, basically acting like he wants to date you but never really acts on it… officially. He never mentions his intent and you never say a word. You have been benched!

He keeps you on the hook and you think he is taking time to get to know you… you start building a relationship with him in your mind.  And that is how you get caught up in imaginary relationships and get your hearts broken when you finally realize.

Simple solution, never assume, in relationships. Ask the scary questions:  "What am I to you?", "Where is this relationship headed?", "What do we want from this?",  "Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?", "Are we just friends?", "Is your partner looking forward to marriage?",  "Are we exclusive or not?", "Friends with benefits?" Yes… whatever kind of relationship you choose is ok, as long as you both are clear on what “this” is.

If he is not ready to step up and declare his intent… girl walk… (except you are not looking for a serious relationship …)
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  1. I so agree girl. Those questions might be scary but they sure do put things into perspective when we get the answers. So when we finally decide to pursue a relationship, there wouldn't be unrealistic expectations.
    Good job ladies.