Saturday, 3 September 2016

How to loose weight without going to the gym!

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If you hate working out, and you want to loose weight, then here are five simple tips on how to loose weight without going to the gym:

1- Drink lots of water. Clean water. You can never go wrong with drinking water. You can never drink too much water. as a matter of fact, the more water you drink the better. Make sure to drink a tall glass of water first thing when you wake up, and before every meal, drink a tall glass of water first. This will not only reduce the quantity of food you will consume, but it will aid in digestion.

2- Consume sugar in natural products more than in artificial ones. Natural products are products that have not undergone any chemical processing, like fruits. So instead of constantly drinking sodas you could make your fruit juices at home by blending the fruits together and drinking. Also instead of consuming tea with sugar, you could do so with honey.

3-Get involved in more physical activity. Instead of taking a taxi or driving over short distances, you should walk instead. Instead of always taking the elevator, yous should take the stairs. That increases you body metabolism which is not only healthy but sheds weight.

4-Do not consume any food two hours before you go to sleep.

5-Sleep well, at least 8 hours everyday, and adopt a consistent sleeping pattern. That is, the hours at which you sleep should be consistent, day after day.

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