Saturday, 3 September 2016

How to know when its time to leave your boyfriend!

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A fearful truth is that people who are not in a relationship are more likely to see its flaws than those in the relationship. The guy would be like "I know she's doing all that because she loves me" and the girl would be like "That's how he is, I love him like that" .... All those are excuses we make to keep our partners. Akward enough is the fact that we shouldn't try to keep them when we should loose them....Yes! you want to stay with him because you love him but a relationship is a two way street and your feelings alone cannot determine its existence. So this is how to know its time for you to leave him: 

1- When he lies
Girl, when your man starts being inconsistent in his utterances then you know its time out. Only truths that don't want to be told by people are those that hurt. Why should your man be a part of something that would hurt you if you hear it? Your man should be able to entrust you with the truth, always.

2- When he doesn't return your phone calls.
Any man in love with his woman would be nervous at the sight of her missed called alert on his phone. The expected reaction is for him to call back or text as soon as he can. When he doesn't, for days, then you are not that significant to him.

3- when he doesn't say 'I Love You too'
Have you ever tried to say 'I Love you' to somebody you really don't love? It is hard. Its like chewing a block of ice on a cold day. So if your supposed partner doesn't reply when you say ' I Love you' with 'I Love You too' or hesitates to say so, then you know its time-out for the relationship.

4- when he suddenly starts telling you 'I'm busy'
He used to come over often before, now he hardly does so. The number of phone calls have geometrically reduced and he sparsely responds to your Whatsapp or other IM messages. When you complain about it, the only thing he says is "Sorry I'm busy." Personally, I think that nobody can be too busy to call or text somebody. Throughout the time you said you were "busy" you still managed to go to the rest room, and eat, right? So how could you not take off a minute or less to make a call or drop a message for your supposed loved one?  That's surely because they don't matter that much to you!

5- when he's not jealous that another guy is on your case
Jealousy characterizes love. Even our creator is Jealous when he sees us worshiping other gods because He loves us. So how then can he say that he loves you when he doesn't flinch or react when other guys serenade you and try to win you over? He's not that into you then!

6- when you two don't cuddle.
It is not common knowledge that cuddling is an expression of love but it is. If he loves you,he should hold you in his arms and tell you he loves you all night, sometimes. He should hold you close after making love to you. He should hug you warmly when he sees you after a long separation.

There is no perfect relationship of course because relationships are not made of perfect people; but when a relationship is more endured than enjoyed then it should be kicked to the curb!
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