Monday, 5 September 2016

How to apply Lipstick perfectly

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1. Make sure your lips are always moisturized ( use lip balm or lip moisturizer like Vaseline petroleum jelly ) to keep your lips smooth,  to make them have an appealing look so the finishing of the lipstick does not look flaky.

2. Use a concealer or highlighter at the lip edges to create an attention to the lips for a visible contrast between your skin and the lipstick color. To  make the lips more exotic, use  a brush to blend the concealer rightly so that the skin looks more natural.

3. Shape your lips with a lip liner/pencil which will carve out a particular gap or demarcation where to apply the lipstick in and not to apply out of. Red or nude lip liner with waxy coating works greater to fill out the every grove of the lips. Besides, it makes the lips smooth for perfect lipstick shade craving.

4. Then apply the lipstick. you can either apply the lipstick directly from the tube or use a brush to coat the lips with the lip color precisely. Make sure the surface of the lips gets the color perfectly. Do some puckers to make the shade complete.

5. Apply a gloss if you want more dramatic lips.  If you like just a matte look, no need to wear a gloss. Just a red lipstick is enough. And remove the excessive shade/color with a tissue. So many women have had nice lip colors but it looks smudged, some have had lip color to their teeth because they did not wipe off the extra color. Place the tissue between your lips and press the tissue with the lips , as such you will prevent lip color from smearing to teeth or mouth corners.

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