Saturday, 3 September 2016

How Boss Ladies Communicate in Business

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As boss ladies we still have the challenge of men taking us seriously. You walk into a business meeting and no one is listening to what you are saying, they are busy staring at your amazing and beautiful self (well  that's good,we need these guys to stare but also take us serious, a little multitasking never hurt nobody LOL) . We also need to be sure that they do not assume (as they always do) that doing business must be accompanied by pleasure. So here are some tips for effective communication in business for us ladies :

  • If a guy asks you out to dinner make sure he knows it is just that… dinner.
  • When you email or talk to them, be brief and straight to the point, no unnecessary pleasantries. Be polite always, but firm.
  • Be authentic always
  • Know your subject matter. Truly be a boss of the field
  • Be confident and let it show
  • Have principles and values and stick to them. Do not compromise these for anything 
Know When To Say "No" And Don't Be Afraid To Say it
The first part of saying "No"is knowing your priorities. Focusing on your priorities gives you a sense of power. Know what you want and go after it! Don't be afraid to say "no" to things that interfere along the way.

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