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Do you know that your soul is entwined with the souls of all the people you have had sex with?

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Many people indulge in sex nowadays without considering its spiritual implications. All human beings have a body, a soul and a spirit- (I Thessalonians 5:23b of The Holy Bible)
Our bodies are the physical representation our human existence. 
The God who created us is spirit, so we in turn have spiritual natures which we inherited from our creator. That spiritual nature is our spirit and it is a reflection of our spiritual activities and affiliations. It is that part of us that communicates or refuses to communicate with God. 

The soul is the immaterial part of us that harbors our senses, affections, desires, cravings and appetites. The soul collects information from the spirit and reveals it to the body in a way that it would understand and manifest it, and it collects information from the body too and reveals it to the spirit in a way that the spirit can manifest it.

When one has sex with another, not only the body but the soul is active. This enables a spiritual exchange between the people having sex. It actually creates an atmosphere for one to contaminate or dilute the spiritual energy of the other. That is why sex is a prominent ritual among cultists. They are aware of the spiritual implication of sex and they use it to build their negative spiritual energies and transfer spirits.

When two people have any sort of relationship which involves sex, their souls get knit together. Even if they separate one still has a part of the other. It is like using super glue to gum two papers together, when you pull the two papers apart one leaves with elements of the other. This is what is called soul-ties. That is why sometimes when you see somebody with whom you have had a sexual relationship before, you feel some type of way. Either you feel like having sex with them again, or you just have a certain hatred for them and don't want to see them. That is why when you are in a sexual relationship with somebody you sometimes can feel what they are feeling, when they have issues you dream about it, or just feel it. That is why sex was designed for married people, to bring them closer and create a tight bond between them. 

Soul-ties also develop between people who share close friendships. Like David and Jonathan in the Bible. (1 Samuel 18:1)

Having soul-ties with the wrong people can have negative effects on us.  The good news is that you can break away from negative soul-ties by prayer and fasting.

Biblical mentions of soul-ties:
I Corinthians 6:16
Genesis 34:1-3
Genesis 2:24
II Corinthians 6:14
Acts 4:32
John 10:30

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