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Did you know that vaginal discharge bleaches underwear?

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I have this experience where I notice that the portion of my underwear directly in contact with my vagina usually changes its color after I have worn the pant for a while. I noticed it especially with my black panties. That portion is literally bleached from black to a color in between pink and orange. I started to get worried about it. I knew there was nothing wrong with me because I went to the hospital for a health check and there was no infection whatsoever. I didn't ask anybody at the hospital because I didn't know how to present the question. LOL. So I did research on my own and discovered that it is a normal phenomenon.

Our vaginas are self-cleansing. The vagina releases a discharge(a white/transparent mucus substance) to get rid of foreign bodies(germs etc). The discharge usually contains a certain level of hydrogen peroxide, amino acids, carbohydrates etc. Hydrogen peroxide is a substance that bleaches, it is found in most hair bleaching products. So that is what causes that portion of the pant to bleach. So if you experience it, don't freak out. LOL. Our vaginas are always acidic, that is their way to kill bacteria and other harmful things, that is their healthy state. We have varying pH levels, some people experience it more and others less. It is said that drinking much water reduces the effect. Also to avoid it you can wear pant liners.

PS: Healthy vaginal discharge is odorless, ranges from transparent to white, and it flows out of the vaginal opening in a quantity as much as about a teaspoon, per day. If you experience something different then you should go to the hospital for a check up.
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