Friday, 16 September 2016

"Being lied to and disrespected makes recipe for a cold heart"- Letters from my heart(Part 1)

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Lets talk Beta Girls, Lets talk men!
Let me ask you when does the lying stop?

Love them, hate them, can’t live without them: Men are here to stay. Fathers, brothers, cousins, friends, strangers, etc they all constitute men. (see why I say they're here to stay...they're everywhere!!!!!) Lets narrow this down to which men: lovers. The real inspiration behind the series was men (believe it or not). So lets get down to the nitty gritty first a quick summary of my love life: I am currently in a relationship and it is long distance. 
I only had 2 serious relationships and many lovers and I have been cheated on in both serious relationships. ( you can understand my disdain towards men.) First of all I would like to say that all men cheat , trust me I want to be wrong and if there are people out there that think differently by all means this is one thing I will happily take back. But as of yet experience has founded my thesis. More common than cheating, men lie ! I feel as though it comes second to breathing. They lie about everything like really dude really ? Then to add insult to injury: they continue to lie even  after getting caught. You wonder why we, women are crazy.  Being crazy* is a state it is not an attitude or a personality trait or an adjective. 

One thing I don’t understand that men avoid being: is be real with me. What I'm saying is tell me what’s up ? what do you really want ? I have had men tell me what I want to hear or withhold information so I don’t get mad. NOOO! EHHHHH….ERROR ERROR. We need to be on the same page. Besides I’m going to be mad regardless of when you lied.  You need to let me know what you want from me. So that I know what I can give you. I have chilled with guys and thought we were friends then the next minute he puts the move on me. What? hold up?! Where did this come from?! I am your friend…F R I E N D. Then you get mad and cuss me out, because your feelings are hurt. Now what did I do to deserve that? Or another common act , when the girl thinks you’re working towards a relationship and you hit her with an "I’m not ready yet", "this is not for me" or whatever excuse you can come up with. There are so many examples of men and their lying ways, like believe me  I have many under my belt alone. This is not a rant or a venting session (though it looks like it) but I'm so tired and it got me thinking: when does the lying stop? When are you going to be able to tell me what’s up? What do I have to do? Being lied to and disrespected makes recipe for a cold heart. How can I love you as my king when you are not even acknowledging me as yours, let alone your queen.
When are we going to be open? You don’t want me …ok fine it was nice to meet you, praying for your happiness and success (don’t let the door hit you on your way out I kid I kid). But like that’s it, all black and white don’t complicate it. In the words of Kelis ‘you don’t have to like me but you will respect me’. When are we going to learn to respect each other? That is all I ask for, I am not asking you to change your ways but at least show me some respect.
Men I invite you to realize that we're not, we know you were cheating we were just waiting to see if you were going to be man enough to at least tell us to our faces but no , you just want to sing the same song…lie lie lie lie lie lie laie lae lalala. Keep singing, it might just hit #1 and become platinum.
Lets just respect each other. Lets be on the same page and move forward. I am not mad at men for lying I’m just over it. 
How do you guys feel about it ?

*Crazy:  A state in which men bring women to, due to the excess indigestion of too much bullshit! ( the Marie-Webber dictionary)
Ex: Loren has become crazy due to being fed bullshit for breakfast, lunch, dinner and don’t forget as a snack.
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