Thursday, 15 September 2016

"Behind bars, I found my true self... it's never too late to get back on track"

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American motivational speaker, Jamila T.Davis is using her life's experiences to inspire and motivate others. She was a former Hip Hop Music & Professional Sports Celebrity Advisor and real estate investor, who got sentenced to 12 1/2 years in jail because of bank fraud. Her life took a drastic twist but she did not give up on herself, or let her mistakes drown her. She has made it a mission to change lives even from prison. She has several amazon best selling books that she wrote from prison, she also educated herself from prison and now has 1 Associates Degree in Psychology, 1 Bachelors Degree in Christian Education and 1 Masters Degree in African American Ministry. She is currently studying to get her PHD. All from a prison cell. She has 8 more months to go to fulfill her prison term and she is as positive as ever. Read her latest blog post below and be inspired. If she could turn her life around, so can you, no matter what your past is:

I'm writing this message on the top of my bunk bed at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia. It is written to remind others that regardless of the mistakes you made in life, or the adversities that you have faced, it's never too late to get back on track! In the free-world I was always caught up in the chase. I had my eyes on the finish line, but I thought I could cleverly figure out a short cut to "buck" the system and get to the top. And, I did! By the time I was 25 years old, I was a multi-millionaire living the life of my dreams. I thought I had it all and my reign would never end, but I was sadly mistaken. Not only did I lose it all, I had a high price to pay! As a little girl, I always loved when my mother read the story "The Three Little Pigs." I didn't understand at the time, the message in that story was actually a wise warning. I was the little pig in the story that built my house with sticks. On the outside it appeared that I had it going on. But, when the big bad wolf came to blow my house down, there was no strong foundation to support it. Consequently, my house quickly came tumbling down! Not only did I lose the house I built, I also loss 12 1/2 years of my life in prison. Behind bars I found my true self. I had a time out to process and take heed to the life lessons that was instilled in me as a child. My mother was a school teacher and stressed education to the 100th power, but I chose to take another route. While incarcerated I finally decided to listen and get back on the right track. By investing in my education, I was able to take my power back! While incarcerated I got my Associates Degree in Psychology and my Bachelors Degree in Christian Education. I just completed my Masters Degree in African American Ministry, and will officially graduate in December. Now I'm currently studying to get my PHD. The plan is to exit prison as Dr. Jamila T. Davis and use my life to inspire others to recapture their dreams. Life adversities taught me it's never too late to get back on track, even in shackles. Let this message serve as a reminder, If I can do it, you can too."
Jamila and her certificates.
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Of course she doesn't run her accounts from prison, she has somebody who runs it for her, and they are updated almost daily, with her posts, pictures and experiences.
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