Saturday, 3 September 2016

Be yourself

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Photo credits: Kelly B Photos
In order to be able to love someone else you first need to learn to love and accept your own self.  Some of us have five personalities in five different relationships… we do not even know which one is true anymore... how do we expect to love and be loved?
You do not have to pretend so a guy or girl can like you… Whenever I think of pretending I shudder… how long will I be able to keep it up? How do I keep track of who I have to be with the different people in my entourage?
Discussions I have had with a few couples lately led me to think that marriage changes people. But a deeper look at the issue brings me to the conclusion that marriage doesn’t change people.. it just creates an environment where you can no longer lie… and the true you comes out.
Be yourself, if someone does not like the real you it is just their opinion and doesn’t define you in any way. It is not an indication of some sort of failure. The truth is, someone should either love you for the real you or not at all… that’s the surest way to be happy in any relationship.

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