Saturday, 3 September 2016

3 reasons why girls cheat.

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Even though most people attribute cheating to men, women also cheat. Cheating is not a virtue and Beta Girls should not cheat or be unfaithful to their partners. It is in that light of urging girls not to cheat, that I did research to find out why girls cheat. I found out that there are three reasons why girls cheat.
  1. Because they are not happy in their current relationships: Happiness is imperative in the life of every human, but life is not a smooth race and we often come across situations that impair our happiness. These situations often occur in our relationships as well. To feel better, some girls loiter into the arms of the other guy. At that instant an affair with the other guy seems exhilarating and exciting to them. But I always wonder why girls stay in such relationships and then cheat. Why not just break up and move on? Well...
  2. Because the are greedy: Some girls cheat because they are not satisfied. Either they want more of what their partners have to offer or they want something that their partners don't have. These wants and needs range from material(money) to emotional(sex). So they go out to get that extra thing they want, and don't want to give up their current parters because he got something they want too. So they just want to have it all. Such girls become dependent on men and can hardly ever be content with one.
  3. Because they are weak : Some girls cheat because they are weak. They can't resist or handle the pressure or attention they get from other guys. They get overwhelmed and find themselves in affairs. They usually tend to regret it and want out immediately after.
Beta girls remember, cheating is NOT a virtue...
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