Thursday, 13 June 2019

Be careful with who you allow to kiss your babies! Baby battles for his life after contacting Herpes from an adult who kissed him at his christening!

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Baby fighting for life after contracting herpes from kiss at his christening

Noah Tindle, a 4-week-old baby was left fighting for his life when he contracted herpes in his eye after being kissed at a christening in the U.K.

Noah and his 21-year-old mother, Ashleigh White, had attended a christening in September 2018, when he was a newborn.

He was passed around to multiple relatives and friends, who were all kissing and hugging him, White told Caters News Agency.

"About a week later, his eye started going a little bit red. It started swelling and getting blisters, so we ended up taking him to the doctors," White said.

He was later diagnosed with Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), which is known as the "kiss of death,” which almost caused him to lose sight in one eye.

Noah received the anti-viral drugs for two weeks, an hour a time, three hours a day. He spent two and a half months in the hospital recovering from the disease.

He will have to receive the anti-viral drug for 9 more months, after a relapse in March 2019.

Source: instablog9ja

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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Advantages of Pilates: Why You Should Consider Them

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We all adore athletes -from their well-conditioned bodies to the performances they deliver season in and season out. However, behind those spectacular performances and well-toned bodies are weeks and months of hard work and sweat.
Of all the workouts that athletes do, there is one type that stands out from the rest. Step forward - Pilates. Have you ever heard of Pilates? Well, if you haven't, here is an in-depth review focusing on its benefits and why you should try incorporating it into your training drills.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a combination of mind and body workouts structured to develop strong and flexible muscles without adding extra weight. Generally, it zeroes in on strengthening your core, abdominals, glutes, and shoulder muscles.

Besides that, Pilates work on boosting the flexibility of significant muscle groups that are often used for movement.

Here are some of the advantages of Pilates and why you should consider doing them.

Boosts the Strength of Your Core and Pelvic Muscles
Pilates trainers include core stability movements during their training sessions. For athletes, having a strong core is essential for making movements ongame day. Additionally, core strength comes in handy during events such as shielding off opposition players.
Improved stability in the pelvic region boosts flexibility and increases the explosive power of athletes in sports such as soccer and sprinting. Also, it significantly reduces the chances of injuries in the lower back region.
Improves Your Sport Skills

Some athletes are naturally talented; however, we cannot refute the fact that hard work improves their skillset.  Pilate trainers also act as coaches, helping athletes develop the necessary motor skills relevant to a specific sport.

For example, a Pilates coach who at one time played soccer will understand the necessary movement patterns, coordination, and range of motion needed in soccer. S/he will then proceed to incorporate said movements into the Pilates session when training a soccer player.

Can Be Used as a Preparation Workout
People who have never participated in the sport before can undertake Pilates training to prep themselves for amateur competitions.

Through Pilates, you'll learn the proper body posture that enable you to perform various movements without putting too much stress on your muscles.

Another exciting thing about Pilates is that you'll learn movement by engaging your brain and not through resistance workouts. Combining your Pilates session with workout products from steroids-evolution can help you improve your fitness levels within a short period.

Working out is just part of the fitness journey; the rest involves you ensuring you eat healthily, stay hydrated, and take adequate rest.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential to help compliment your training routine. Avoid eating foods with high fat and sugar content as they will derail your performance. Instead, go for foods such as lean meat, wholemeal bread, and fish.

Stay Hydrated

You can achieve this by consuming sufficient amounts of water throughout the day. Studies show that water helps reduce your recovery time while at the same time keeping issues such as cramps at bay.

Adequate Rest

Enough rest time will help your muscle tissue rebuild and repair in preparation for the next training session. Also, it’ll help keep you safe from early burnout.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

"I was advised "one of the ways" to contract HPV was sexual, I KNEW it was from my very sexually active promiscuous partner"- Cervical Cancer Survivor shares her experience

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Picture was used for demonstration

One of our #BetaGirls has fought a victorious battle with Cervical Cancer, so we had a little chat with her about her experience with the condition, and this is what she told us:

1-How old are you?

2-How did you find out you had Cervical cancer? 

I was invited for a routine smear test back when I was 27, just after having my first baby which is very common for women here in the UK. And that's when they found the cancerous cells, and quickly invited me for a Cervical Biopsy.

3-What was your first reaction after you found out?

I was so angry, because even though I was advised "one of the ways" to contract HPV was sexual, I KNEW it was from my very sexually active promiscuous partner (then ex)

4-What did you do?

I looked at my newborn and drew strength from her. I then decided to go for treatment and counselling as suggested by my doctor.

5-What type of treatment did you undergo? 

I had a cervical biopsy, where part of the cervix (infected part) is cut off to prevent further spreading. 

6-How did you get healed of it?

After the cervical biopsy, I carried on going to clinic for another 6months, so the specialists could ensure I am healing internally as I should and that the cancer cells have not regenerated or spread further. I am due another smear test in a couple of months.

7-Advice to women all over the world

Read a lot. Talk to your doctor about these things, it may seem like it can never happen to you, but unfortunately for me, it crept to me while I was pregnant and could only begin treatment after birth. Go for constant check ups, use protection, and even in abstinence, still get yourself checked. Stay empowered beautiful people.

One of the important lessons we gather from her story is that it is important for us to get checked. Follow us on Twitter @betagirlsonline and join us on Friday January 25th from 7PM as we would be having a Tweet Chat with a medical doctor; Dr Christie Linonge, as she would tell us all about Cervical Cancer. There would be opportunities to ask her questions and receive appropriate responses during the Tweet Chat session 
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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

"They offered to give me money after they Raped me" - Judith speaks out, after being Raped by two military men in Jakiri; North West Region, Cameroon

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The socio-economic degradation of numerous localities in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon is obvious, due to the pending Anglophone Crisis that has plagued the two regions since 2016.

One significant misfortune of this crisis is the negative impact it has on women and girls, especially as many of them have become victims of sexual assault.

We got information that a lady named Judith, who resides in Jakiri got Raped by two military men in her home, so we reached out to her via phone call to confirm the story and this is what she told us:

Yesterday in the morning she was in the kitchen when her neighbour rushed in to tell her the military was around, on their usual quest for pro-ambazonia fighters otherwise known as Amba Boys.

Before they could even find a hiding place, as they always do when the military is doing raids, two military men stormed her home.

Her few months old baby was lying on the chair in the parlour. Her neighbour too, was in the parlour. They met her in her kitchen. They asked her where the Amba Boys were located, she said she didn't know.

Her neighbour, the one who was in her home, on hearing the noise from the kitchen, took her baby from the chair and ran off to hide.

One of the military men started forcing her to succumb to his lust, with a gun pointed to her head. She pushed him, he then put the gun on the floor and took out a knife. He put it to her throat and threatened to slit it if she tried to resist him again. That was when she gave up.

He and his friend, forcefully had sex with her. After they finished, one of them took out his wallet, and asked her if he should pay her 5,000frs or 10,000frs. She did not respond. His other friend beckoned for them to go, that was how they left.

She said immediately after the rape incident, she was rushed to the local health center.

This happened yesterday January 7th 2019. Judith is one, among several women and girls who are have become victims of Rape, because of the ongoing crisis.

For information on how to support victims like Judith, feel free to email us: we would link you up with the ones we are in contact with.
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Thursday, 6 December 2018

"After fighting and begging, he took out a knife to tear my clothes"- Rape Victim speaks out

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OK I got so depressed and so bitter against men when I got raped few years back. I went to visit this guy at about 3pm in the afternoon. He was my friend, but we weren't very close, that was my first time visiting him.

So when I got to his place, we started chatting and before I knew it, he came so close to kiss me.

When I resisted, he got up, locked the door. We fought, I screamed for help and the neighbors who were sitting outside ignored it.

Then I knew I was in serious trouble. He told me, nobody can come to my rescue.

After fighting and begging him for sometime, he took a knife to tear off my dress and I just imagined myself getting out of there naked, I thought I could not bear it, so I yielded and undressed.

He still used the knife to threaten me if I didn't stay calm and that's how he raped me and to cut the long story short, I couldn't study for my GCE advanced level which was in a month's time because of depression and the effect of anti retroviral drugs I was placed on.

Because after the incident, I immediately told my family, so they took me to the hospital where I was placed on Anti retroviral drugs in case of any HIV infection. That's what they do at the hospital.

They also used my medicals to report the guy to the authorities and he got locked up at the police station. His people bailed him, while waiting for the case to be taken up to court since he was refusing that he didn't rape me. He lied that I was his girlfriend and we just had normal consensual sex.

When he saw that the case was a serious one, he came begging and apologising. My pastor asked for my opinion and I said they should drop the case and let him go.

I forgave him...we never communicated again, but the scar is still there. He took away my virginity.

PS: The lady in the picture above is not the victim. The picture was used for demonstration.

Share your story with us via email to firbetforbetagirls@gma
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Friday, 30 November 2018

"Two of my cousins raped me when I was a child, and ever since, I have never been the same."

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Hello #BetaGirls I want to share my own story.

I grew up with my grand-parents in the village till I was about 8years then I moved to Yaoundé.We had several male cousins Who Will come and live with us to go to school and do various things.

I can't even remember my age then but I do remember how one of those my cousins will call me into the room, frighten me and tell me to lie down on his bed. He will finger me and touch me(don't even know what he was touching)and after that tell me that if I did not want my granddad to beat me for going to play in the neighbour's house I should not say anything.

In my naive state, I will keep quiet. I was scared of him, that's why I always went out to play but he still managed to always get me.

He left, and I was very happy the nightmare was over. Then there came another one😭. Looking very innocent I used to always play with him.

One day, I went out to follow the village Masquerade and I returned late. I was scared I was going to be woefully flogged that night so I just went straight to his room to ask if he could help beg on my behalf. I think I was 7 by then. He rather asked me to undress, climb on the bed and open my legs wide. I did, what choice did I have?

He tried penetrating that day but couldnt. Days later, he eventually succeeded and that's how he kept on abusing me till I left the village for Yaoundé.

It's not easy writing of all this. I was so traumatised and depressed, I decided to write it in a book which I later tore. I've never been able to actually speak about this to anybody. My mum got to know half of the story with some of my female cousins, and all they did was castigate me so it gave me no anxiety to tell them everything.

These two men destroyed my  life and childhood, and till date it may seem like I've overcome it but I doubt if I can really overcome it completely.

My advice to upcoming parents, never be a scarecrow to your kids. It will only distant you from them and not discipline them in anyway.

To girls, I might not have had the opportunity early enough to tell someone all what I was going through but please don't keep quiet. Find someone & denounce these rapists.

PS: Picture above us a model, for demonstration. It is not the rapist.
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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

"I now hate sex because of what my uncle did to me when I was 11 years old"

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Hello #BetaGirls I saw ur post on facebook and decided to talk about my story because it has caused me alot of damages uptil now.

I grew up with my paternal uncle who took me from my parents when I was just six years old. I came to stay with him and his wife.

His wife was always sick and never around because she was on treatment in a distant town.

When the wife finally died because the sickness over took her, he decided to bring in the wife's sister. She was with us but she later left to rent her own place.

At the age of 11 I was in secondary school and I started seeing my menses. One fateful day I was not feeling so well in school so I took permission and came back home. On arriving home, I met my uncle who told me his eyes were paining and that he needed help.

He asked me to follow him upstairs so I can help him put his eye drops. When I did, he started touching me saying I am already a woman and I need bras for my breast I was so scared that I ran off and started crying.

He did that several times...always being naked infront of me, asking me to touch his penis. I became traumatized and afraid of men.

He did not allow me to visit my parents. He did that till the moment I left his house, at the age of 18.

He was always romancing me, but he never penetrated.

That is the reason why I hate sex, but love romance. I am now grown and engaged, but I still hate sex, and love romance.

Before I allow my fiance to have sex with me, it is under hard struggle.

PS: The girl in the picture above is a model, she is not the victim in the story.

To share your story with us, email:

#BetaGirls #OrangeTheWorld #16DaysActivism #SexualHarrasment
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Monday, 26 November 2018

Busisiwe shares her struggle with depression and suicide after being repeatedly raped by her cousin, for 3 years:

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My Name is Busisiwe Mhlongo and I am 24 years old... born in 1994/09/18 ♥️... in 2004 I was staying at my Uncle's house in Harding,KZN..His First born son (we call him Sphamo) who was 17/18 years at that time would call me to his room and rape me (I was 10 years old).

This started when I was in grade 4 until I was in grade 6, around June because that’s when I had my periods for the first time, but he did Rape me Vaginally and anally. He did a lot of things that I wouldn’t like to re-iterate here.

I stayed with someone who sexually abused me and I didn’t tell anyone because he said he was going to kill me with Ratex. I kept that secret until this year cause I was struggling mentally and emotionally.

Back in February, I attempted to commit suicide, overdosed pills.
In April, I overdosed pills again. In June, I starved myself hoping to die. In August, I overdosed pills again. In September, I attempted to jump out my residence but the security saw me and I couldn’t cause he said "Jump, I will catch you."

In October, I started cutting myself from my hand to my elbow and if I feel like the razor isn’t sharp enough I would get another one. I did it until it was beyond my control and I was admitted and of course Psychiatry Ward was my ward, stayed there for weeks and was diagnosed with depression and PSTD.

Generally if you know me- I am a Happy person and I love everything about everyone. To be diagnosed with depression was heavy for me and the medication is just too much.

My mom and other family members are aware of this now that I have done drastic things.

I have never gotten a call from my cousin to say he is sorry. What he did to me was damaging physically, emotionally and sexually.

He robbed me of my childhood and virginity, I will never be able to know what it’s like to be a child because of the things he did to me, he used a baby oil so that his penis would go in. He would put baby oil inside me so I can be “wet for him”. He did it for 3 years and he was never satisfied.

I have been struggling to even wake up in the morning and eat, let alone to trust a man, I am struggling to believe that I will be fine.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

"While doing my self breast exam is when I discovered a lump in my left breast."- Cheree, a Breast Cancer survivor, shares her story!

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We came across a Breast Cancer survivor on our Social Media pages and she gladly agreed to an interview with us to share her journey with Breast Cancer. She told us:

Hi my name is Cheree Herrington and I am from New Jersey. While doing my self breast exam is when I discovered a lump in my left breast. 

I made a doctor's appointment and on July 13, 2018 is when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in my left breast. I was scared to death. 

My first thought was that I'm only 35 years old how could this be? I mean all kinds of thoughts was going through my head. Being that my grandmother (my dad's mom) died from ovarian cancer, that was a red flag for my doctor. 

She sent me for a generics test to see if it was in my genes. My test came back positive for BRCA2 gene. Now the BRCA2 gene is a mutating gene that increases the risk of cancer. 

Once I found this out I made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. Lucky for me I had a great support group to keep me positive and motivated throughout this whole process. 
Cheree poses for our #IFeelMyself Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

On September 13, 2018 is when I had my surgery and had tissue expanders put in. My next surgery is going to be in January 2019 and they are going to be performing a tissue transplant on me. 

I recently found out that I am cancer free and I didn't need any chemotherapy or radiation thanks be to God. So as far as treatment goes I have to take Tamoxifen Citrate for the next 5 to 10 years. 

This is a estrogen modulator and it is to reduce the chances of breast cancer in high risk patients. The downfall with taking this pill is that you can't conceive while taking it. So before I had my surgery I had my eggs harvested and after 2 years I will be able to conceive. 

Becoming a survivor has changed my life because it made me stop taking a lot of things for granted. My advice to girls around the world is to make sure you check yourself on the regular basis and educate yourself because breast cancer can happen at any age. 

For those battling breast cancer STAY POSITIVE and STAY PRAYED UP!!! Keep positive people around you and never let your thoughts get the best of you.
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This is how to self examine yourself for #BreastCancer #IFeelMyself

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After Beta Girls Talk Event in Yaoundé

To round off our #IFeelMyself Breast Cancer Campaign, we held two events in Yaoundé and Douala simultaneously where we learnt about Breast Cancer and how to carry out self Examination for Breast Cancer.
Beta Girls Breast Cancer Talk Event in Yaounde
Group Selfie after talk

Dr Nkwetta Marion of Laquintinie Hospital educated the girls in Douala, meanwhile My Aconnue Yannick, of Z Cancer Foundation, educated the girls in Yaoundé.
Girls listening to talk in Douala
Dr Nkwetta Marion, educating
Group picture after the talk

This is a summary of what we learnt:

In lay man terms, Breast Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the breast.

Risk factors of Breast Cancer that can be modified are:

1- Alcohol: Women should not take more than 7 bottles of alcohol per day

2- Do more physical exercises

3- Eating habits: Eat more organic food

Risk factors that are unmodifiable:
-Hormone intake
-Late first pregnancy (having first pregnancy at 30+)
-Early menstruation and late menopause

Symptoms of #BreastCancer :
-Lumping of the breast
-Dimplying of the skin
-Pain in Breast and nipple
-Retraction(going inside) of the nipple
-Discharge of nipple
Girls Practicing how to do Self Examination

How to detect #BreastCancer through Screening. Techniques:

-Mammography(XRay of the breast)
-Breast Ultrasound

In Cameroon, Mammography cost ranges from 30,000frs to 55,000frs per screening

Due to the high cost of mammography in Africa, we adopt Clinical Breast Examination, where a trained health professional examines the breast physically to detect abnormalities.

Self examination:

Why do you do it?

To know your breast, so that if something changes you will notice.

-Do it twice every month
-Do it 4-6 days after the end of your menses
Girls practicing how to do self examination

How do you do it?

In 5 steps.

1-Stand infront of the mirror, take off your clothes , put your hands on ur hips, when your shoulders are raised, look at the size, the skin above and below, and the color of your breasts.

2-Raise your hands up, infront of the mirror, check for symmetry, and discharge on the nipple.

3- Still infront of the mirror, apply pressure on your nipple to see if there would be any discharge.

4-Lie down on a bed, put your right hand under your head, on a pillow, use the first three fingers of your left hand to feel your breast. Not the tips of ur fingers, but flatten ur fingers on ur breast.

You can feel your breast in circular motion, horizontal motion or vertical motion.

Then you feel your under arm as well, because any cancerous cells in that part of the body is considered as Breast Cancer.

All the motion starts from outward to inwards, clockwise or anti-clockwise round your breast. Then on the center.

Do same for the other breast.

5-Sit or stand, put one hand up and repeat step 4.
Girls practicing how to do self examination

Debunking Myths about Breast Cancer:

Wearing bras(with bone or without bone) has nothing to do with breast cancer.

Lactating/Breast feeding a baby, protects from #BreastCancer because when breast feeding, breast cells don't multiply.

The art of sucking the breast for sexual pleasure DOES NOT save from #BreastCancer
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Monday, 29 October 2018

Beta Girls Organization sensitises girls in Cameroon about Breast Cancer in a viral campaign dubbed #IFeelMyself.

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Beta Girls Organization is a platform for girls to inspire other girls in all aspects of life, physically, through events called Beta Girls Talk Events, and online through Social Media and a blog(

It was founded in 2016, by Clarisse Ndinge, and since then, a community of over 6,000 girls has been created online via Social Media and they get educated  and empowered by inspirational, motivational, and educative content.

Also, over seven editions of Beta Girls Talk Events have held, educating girls on issues like premarital sex and unwanted pregnancy, Breast Cancer, Women and Entrepreneurship, Girls and Engineering, and Gender Based Violence against women.
Beta Girls diring #IFeelMyself Campaign

To commemorate this October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness month, Beta Girls Organization, teamed with over 50 girls in Douala and Yaoundé to launch a viral online Campaign dubbed, #IFeelMyself

The volunteers took photos of them wearing pink T-shirts because pink has been attributed to the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness and their hands were on their left breasts because the left breast is 10% more susceptible to Breast Cancer than the right.

The message of the campaign, is that Self Examination of the Breasts is key to saving lives from Breast Cancer, because the earlier Breast Cancer gets detected, the easier it can be treated.

The campaign did not only end with the pictures, but two Beta Girls Talk Events were simultaneously held in Douala and Yaoundé, educating girls on Breast Cancer and how to practically carry out the self examination exercise.

In Douala, the girls were educated by Dr Nkwetta Marion of Laquintinie Hospital and in Yaoundé, they were educated by Mr Aconnue Yannick, founder of Z Cancer Foundation.

Click below to watch the campaign:

To join, partner or support Beta Girls Organization, call/WhatsApp: +237650645515

Follow us on Social Media:
Facebook: @betagirlsonline
Twitter: @betagirlsonline
Instagram: @betagirlsonline
Call/WhatsaWh: +237650645515

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Friday, 14 September 2018

"Do not let anyone make you feel bad for the things you don’t have, but the things you have, be happy with those"- Late Kyrzayda Rodriguez

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Popular Fashion Blogger; Kyrzayda Rodriguez, recently died  after battling cancer.

She was a very successful fashion blogger. She left her day job to pursue her dreams, and under four years her blog grew tremendously till she opened her own fashion boutique.

Unfortunately, cancer took her away...

These are words of kyrzayda during her last days:

“I have a brand new car 🚗 parked outside that can’t do anything for me, I have all kinds of designers clothes, shoes and bags that can’t do anything for me, I have money in my account that can’t do anything for me, I have a big well furnished house that can’t do anything for me, look I’m laying here in a twin size hospital bed, I can take a plane any day of the week if I like but that can’t do anything for me ... So Do not let anyone make u feel bad for the things you don’t have but the things u have be happy with those, if you have a roof over your head who cares what kind of furnitures in it... the Most important thing in life is LOVE, lastly make sure you enjoy the ones you love”

May she RIP 🕯

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

5 things to note before travelling to Ethiopia!

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Ethiopian Girl
Ethiopia is a country in the Southern Region of Africa with a very huge archaeological history.

The population of Ethiopia is over 102 Million. If you are planning on making a trip to Ethiopia, here are five things to note:

1- Money:

The Ethiopian currency is 'Ethiopian Birr.'
Change your money at your local airport to either USD, Euro, or Pounds. Those are the only three International currencies that can be exchanged in Ethiopia.

2- Religion

The population of Ethiopia is predominantly Christian. 63% of their population is made up of Christians and 34% is made up of Muslims.

3- Language

Amharic is the official language Ethiopians speak, but English is the most widely spoken foreign language because it is taught in schools.

4- Time

Ethiopia has it's own calendar, the Amharic Calendar. On September 11 2018, they would be entering January 2011.

5- Shopping:

You should buy leather accessories like shoes, bags, and purses. They produce high quality leather products- Fashion items, at very affordable prices.

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